Black Tencel Dress Scarf

Black Tencel Dress Scarf

This scarf is a black on black pattern, designed as a gentleman's dress scarf.  However it could be used for everyday wear as well, for either a lady or a gentleman.  The pictures make the scarf look grey, but it is the darkest of blacks - the sheen of the yarn makes it very difficult to photograph.


The design has a wide border around a diamond centre panel.


It is made from a fabulous yarn called Lyocell (Tencel) which is made from tree pulp. This is an amazing eco friendly yarn that represents a milestone in the development of environmentally sustainable textiles. Lyocell is a natural, man made fibre.  Made with wood pulp from sustainable tree farms, lyocell yarns are created using a closed-loop process that recovers or decomposes all solvents and emissions. It is 100% biodegradable, and suitable for vegans and non-vegans alike.


The finished fabric is wonderfully soft, strong and shiny.  It can aslo be washed in a washing machine.


The yarn also soaks up dyes to produce vibrant colours.  I have hand dyed this yarn using Procion MX dyes from Dhama.



  • Washing instructions

    Machine Washable at low heat

    Dry flat

    Iron whilst damp with a hot iron to restore shine

  • Approximate Dimensions

    156cm long (188cm including fringes)

    33cm wide


    62" long (78" long including fringes)

    13" wide

  • Colours

    Please note I have done my best to reproduce the colours of the scarf, but there may be differences due to the monitor you are viewing on.  If you need to match another item, I may be able to send you a small sample of the yarn.

  • Warning

    Although all the scarves are washed once they come off the loom, as with any garment, dark colours may bleed and discolour other garments if they get very wet.

  • Please Note...

    Please remember these scarves are all hand woven and hand finished so there may be some small imperfections  xx