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Washing Instructions for Tencel Scarves & Shawls

The tencel scarves and shawls can be easily washed in the washing machine.  I would chose a short wash at 30 or 40 degrees.  I use ordinary fabric detergent, and fabric conditioner.

Let the item dry naturally, and then iron with a hot iron and steam while it is still damp.  This will make the item all shiny again.

Don't be worried that when it is very wet it feels a but stiff - this is usual!

You shouldn't need to wash your item very often, and doing so may make the colours less bright over time.

Washing instructions for Other Scarves & Shawls

As a rule, I would hand wash other scarves and shawls with warm water and a suitable hand/delicate detergent. This should prevent the item from felting if it is wool.  

I do use fabric softener for all my items, prior to spinning.

DO NOT WRING as this could cause the structure of the item to deform!  Just squeeze the water out by hand, and then you can use the spin cycle in a washing machine for all but the most delicate items.