Nikki Grant


Although I have had no formal training in any crafts, I have been creating since I was about five years old, and spent much of my childhood making stuffed toys.  My Grandma tried teaching me to knit one summer, but I have to admit to being woefully bad at it!

However, in the last 15 years or so I have taken up creating again, and now have many strings to my bow; crochet, felting, machine embroidery, jewellery making, and latterly weaving.  

I started weaving on a rigid heddle loom, and progressed to a four shaft table loom, where the potential to make patterns is widened.  I then was fortunate enough to buy a Louet Spring floor loom, which I quickly upgraded to 12 shafts.

There is something special about creating a fabric from yarn.  You can create different patterns from just threading colours on the loom a different way, or by threading the loom to lift certain threads in a different pattern.  The scope is as large as your imagination, and the number of shafts on your loom!

I sell my scarves at various craft fairs, and now have scarves for sale at Haddenham Arts Centre (CB6 3XA) and at Ben & Ella's Gift Shop at Baythorne End (CO9 4AH).